How pro-abortion activists are continuing their fight in Argentina

It has been over a week since the Argentine Senate voted 38-31 to reject a bill decriminalising abortion in the South American country. The pro-abortion movement has continued to campaign and pursue a change in legislation which it might be able to do next year.. Here are some examples of what activists are doing in the country right now.

The National Register of women who have died as a result of an abortion

The Ni Una Menos Observatory of violence against women with the MuMalá movement is set to create a national register of all women who die as a result of illegal abortions in the country. The movement points to the fact that three women have died in less than a month as a result of illegal abortions.

These women are Liliana Herrera, a 22 year old mother of two, who died as a result of an illegal abortion in the Regional Hospital of Santiago del Estero. Last Wednesday, Elizabeth, 34 years old, died in a hospital in Pacheco, Buenos Aires. Last Monday, another woman died in Hospital Sanguinetti in Pilar, which was confirmed by the director of the hospital, although her name has not been released yet.

Raquel Vivanco, national coordinator of MuMaLá and President of the Ni Una Menos Observatory said: “The 40 senators who abstained and voted against the legalisation of abortion in Argentina hold the responsibility of the deaths as a result of illegal abortions. The deaths of these young and poor women which we can call femicides of the State, since they could have all been avoided, confirm what women’s organizations have been saying for the past few months, that this secrecy takes the lives of thousands of women in our country. Abortion existed, it exists and will continue to exist.”

She added: “With the creation of the register of dead women as a result of illegal abortions we aim to draw attention to and demand the adoption of a law legalising the voluntary interruption of pregnancy that gives an answer to the hundreds of women who engage in this practice in our country every year. We all abort but poor women like Liliana Herrera are the ones who die.”

Será Ley Chrome Extension

A new chrome extension has been released called “Será Ley” which shows you whether a members of Congress voted for or against the abortion law every time their name appears on your screen. If they voted in favour of the law, a green heart appears next to their name and if they voted against it, a pile of poo emoji appears instead. The point of this is to remember their names for future elections.

Two friends who work in advertising, who want to remain anonymous, told La Boca Abierta they came up with the idea. They created the add-on with the help of a cousin and this is their way of campaigning for the movement. Try it out for yourself here:

Collective Apostasy

The Argentine Coalition for a Secular State is organising a Collective Apostasy on 18 August as a political and public gesture against the rejection of the abortion law and the policies derived from the Social Doctrine of the Church which are against human dignity and human rights.

The movement believes that abortion is a right for women and that it will make society more equal if the State recognises this. It believes the rejection of the law is an attack on human rights.

The Coalition says that the main opposer to the legalisation of the law is the Catholic Church, which does so from a privileged position inside the Argentine State. It believes that the separation of the Church and the State is fundamental to have equality for all independent citizens and invites everyone to join their Collective Apostasy tomorrow.

So far, the Facebook event has 6400 people attending and 24000 interested in it.

Young Feminist Fund Argentina

Feel like donating some money to help activists campaign? A GoFundMe page has been launched for a Young Feminist Fund in Argentina to support young women’s rights defenders in their campaigns until abortion is legal.

The donation goes towards funding campaign materials, art projects to advertise the campaign and other initiatives designed and led by young feminist women.

To donate or read more about the fund visit their fundraising page.

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