Catholic Church starts negotiations to give up Argentine government contributions

The Catholic Church in Argentina has formally started talks with the government to give up the financial contributions made by the latter.

The Argentine Episcopal Conference outlined that the withdrawal of the funds would be done gradually and it would be conditional on the organisation finding a new support system with “new alternatives” being studied with the national authorities, according to Clarín.

In Argentina, bishops receive a monthly salary of around 40,000 pesos ($1327), while parish priests and seminarians receive a little assistance. The State has contributed this year a little more than 130 million pesos, about 7% of the Catholic Church’s budget, since there are 65 bishops in the country.

This comes after the vote on abortion in the last few months, with voices calling for the separation of the Church and the State as the latter’s social policies are derived from the Social Doctrine of the Church which they claim are against human dignity and are an attack on human rights.

The Argentine Coalition for a Secular State believes that the main opposer to the legalisation of the abortion law is the Catholic Church, which does so from a privileged position inside the Argentine State. It believes that the separation of the Church and the State is fundamental to have equality for all independent citizens.

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