Argentina Empanadagasm

Argentina is a country well known for its steak and wine but has a host of other foods that you can’t miss out on.

One of these are Argentine empanadas, little parcels of folded dough containing a variety of mouth watering ingredients inside.

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The dough can be bought ready made from many supermarkets in Argentina and then filled with a variety of tantalising stuffing. Here we are using tomato and mozzarella, which is usually known as Caprese when combined with basil too.

The ingredients are mixed together and spooned into the dough. You have to get the amount of filling just right so that you can then fold the dough.

The outside is then crimped. This means folding the edge over itself with your thumb, and can be very tricky to master .

The empanadas are then put onto a tray, pierced with a fork, and then put into the oven or fried.

Some places shape their empanadas in different ways to make it easy to tell them apart if you get them delivered to your home, such as La Continental as you can see here.

We ordered a number of different flavours and were met with this incredible sight when we opened the box.

Hungry yet? The flavours we ordered were:

Meat – Minced meat, olives and egg

Humita – White sauce and sweetcorn

The traditional Ham and Cheese

Chicken – Chicken, onion and pepper

Roquefort – Mozzarella and roquefort

Cheese and Onion

Vegetables – Vegetables, egg and cheese, where the vegetable is spinach

Usually around 3 or 4 empanadas will be eaten for a meal but the great thing about them is that you can eat as many as you like, although you might want to do this at home so no one judges you…

Right now these little magic parcels will cost you about $35 to $50 pesos, around a dollar or so, but these prices are fluctuating due to the current economic conditions in Argentina.

If you go out to eat them then you won’t be disappointed, although then you might get distracted by other options available on the menu…like the pizza.

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