Where to eat in Buenos Aires

You’ve just landed in Buenos Aires, not quite sure where to eat, but eager to dive into the city’s buzzing culinary scene.

Here’s a handy list of the city’s essential eateries to help you solve the question of where you should visit in Buenos Aires.


Parrilla Peña

A visit to Argentina isn’t complete without sampling the exquisite grilled meats and luscious wines the country produces. Head over to Parrilla Peña where you’ll be greeted with a complimentary fried beef empanada for starters before diving into your main course. One of my favourites here is the entraña which is very tasty. Make sure you try the chorizo and/or grilled provolone as a starter too. The portion sizes are big and the waiters will advise you on what to eat, which is very useful. If you don’t finish your meal then ask for it to be taken to go. You know it’s a good parrilla when the locals are here too. Not sure which cut of meat to go for? Check out this handy guide.


Don Julio


Arguably one of the city’s most famous parrillas for tourists, visit Don Julio for a top notch dining experience. The meats are great, the service is very good and it has a huge selection of wines. You won’t find many locals here but don’t let that put you off – these asadores are popular for a reason.


El Patio

Looking for the local experience? Head to El Patio on Aguirre 1018, just south of Palermo, and here is where you’ll find the locals stuffing their faces. Try a new cut of meat and treat your tastebuds; they’re on holiday after all.


Big Sur

With all this grilled meat around, you’ve suddenly got a craving for a burger. My favourite burger temple in Buenos Aires is Big Sur on Cerviño 3596. The guys who run the place are super friendly and have a variety of different burgers to try. Help yourself to their homemade sauces – make sure you try the mojo picante and you’ll turn into an addict like me.



El Cuartito

If you’re in downtown Buenos Aires and want a traditional Argentine pizza there are plenty of places to choose from. Head to El Cuartito and tuck into a tasty Napolitana or Calabresa with a chopp of Quilmes, the local industrial beer. Remember, it’s customary to eat with a knife and fork but don’t let that stop you from using your hands.


La Mezzetta


This is an old-school standing-room only pizzeria which the locals flock to. It’s no surprise since the pizza here is unbelievable. Order yourself a portion of their famous fugazzeta which has copious amounts of cheese with onions on top. Get here early though as it gets very popular.


Los Inmortales

Serve yourself a slice of history along with this pizza. The walls of this establishment are full of old famous Argentines so you can munch and learn a little about the past.


Craft Beer



If you haven’t got a lot of time in Argentina and want to try a wide variety of craft beers, head to Desarmadero. They usually have around 15-20 beers to try from different breweries in the country allowing you to sample an array of different flavours. The food here is good and at a reasonable price as well.


Strange Brewing

One of my favourite breweries who are constantly changing the scene, Strange Brewing has to be at the top of your list. Located in Colegiales, it’s not too far away from central Buenos Aires and definitely worth the trip. Try out one of their stouts, IPA, sours or all of it if you can. 



Just around the corner from Strange Brewing, Charlone is a trendy brewery with a tasty selection of beers. Since you’ll be visiting Strange, why not start or end at Charlone?



BAB Cerveceria

This is a cool bar since it overlooks the Recoleta cemetery. Enjoy a wide variety of craft beers while you watch the sun go down from their rooftop terrace. It opens at around 6pm so get there and sip on a beer (I recommend something from Suburbier).


Don’t miss:

Ña Serapia

Order some tasty empanadas and a bottle of wine from this little restaurant on Las Heras – you won’t be disappointed. If you’re in the mood for something else, try their locro or other traditional dishes.


KOI Dumplings


Need some Asian food paired with delicious craft beer? Koi specialises in dumplings and bao buns and serves it with some of the best beer around. Try one from Cerveza Mur if you can.


El Perón Perón

Brush up on your Argentine history before you visit this restaurant. The Perón Perón is a memento to Evita and Juan Peron. They serve up traditional Argentine dishes and sing the Marcha Peronista every hour, which you can join in with. Prepare to learn about Argentine history and look forward to a fun night out.


La Fuerza

Kick back with some tasty vermouth from La Fuerza at their vermuteria. This is perfect for hot nights when you want to sit back, chat and sip on something magical.


Mercado de San Telmo


You’re walking in San Telmo and suddenly it’s lunch time. Head to the central market and choose from empanadas, pizza and more. I 100% recommend the parrilla Nuestra Parrilla where you can choose from chorípan, bondiola or even vacio. It tastes great, looks great and is exactly what you need to refuel yourself for the day ahead.

Centro Montañes

If you want a taste of Spanish flavours while in Argentina head to this cultural center with a restaurant inside. They have amazing fried empanadas and the tortilla is amazing. It does tend to get busy so is worth booking.



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